Artificial intelligence (AI) may be one of the driving forces behind the Polish economy. For this to happen, however, we must be properly prepared for it now. Effective implementation of artificial intelligence is a challenge not only for entrepreneurs, but also for the widely understood state. A challenge not only of a strategic, technical or business nature, but also ethical and legal. AI solutions must be created carefully, responsibly and taking into account ethical principles both at the level of the legal framework and processes in every organization using this technology.


Therefore, in our next report, prepared jointly by Impact, FinTech Poland, Accenture, Bird & Bird and the Center for Regulation of Financial Services and Technology of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw, we paid special attention to ethics in AI. We also reviewed national strategies in the field of AI so that the strategy finally implemented by Poland turned out to be effective. Entering the era of artificial intelligence must be an act not only conscious for all parties involved, but also a systemic one, because it is embedded with the appropriate state strategy.


We devoted a significant part of the report to the financial sector as the one with enormous potential for the implementation of artificial intelligence. Polish financial institutions, thanks to their technological advancement and the potential to use the enormous amounts of data at their disposal, may constitute a critical part of the Polish artificial intelligence sector. At the same time, financial institutions have a special responsibility due to the scope of the data they have and process and their role as an institution of public trust.


The last chapter deals entirely with legal issues. They are an emanation of the state’s strategy which, through regulatory policy, can stimulate the development of specific technologies and solutions and create institutional solutions supporting positive economic processes.

This report is to constitute our joint contribution to the discussion on the strategic importance of artificial intelligence for the Polish economy, including the financial innovation sector, and the role of the state in this area.

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